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There is no update for stupidity: Customer service emails that prove we are all doomed

June 30, 2012

Please delete my mother’s game account!  She has stopped her chemotherapy and says she is waiting for a mission from the game to save her life.  Please take me seriously her life is in danger!

They are out there crazy people, angry people, funny people.  Everyone these days plays or has played games on such sites as Facebook, or Google+.  When they have problems they come to me.  I’m a Customer Service Rep, and I’m trained to always be polite and helpful.  In this collection of emails from players I did just the opposite.  I took the worst of the worst, the strangest of the strangest, and replied to them in this book the way I wanted to if I were given free rein and wouldn’t be fired.

In “There is no in game update for stupidity: Customer service emails that prove we are all doomed!” I compiled eleven chapters covering such categories as “Club Velvet” a chapter dedicated to adult themed messages.  In “Bat Shit Crazy!” you will find the craziest of the craziest, from mothers sending their sons to French Military school for playing on Facebook to mothers thinking the game is so real they have reshaped their household to mimic the game even giving their children missions to complete for game points.

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