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Time for some silly fun

September 30, 2012

Google has a search option that lets you search by option.  You can refine it by adding keywords related to the image but that is not necessary.  For fun I Google searched one of my profile pictures and found something funny.  One out of every nine or so images was of the opposite sex.  So I came up with this little fun activity.  Google search your profile pic and post the links to the first three pictures of the opposite sex you find.  Lets see what Google thinks you look like as the opposite sex.

For me Google things I’m a Black Woman with a huge ass, a Blond Chick who appears to be famous, and an old Asian Woman who might be famous as well.

You can Google search an image by clicking “image” and than clicking the small “camera” in the search bar and entering in the URL of your profile pic.  Have fun and lets see your results.

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One Comment
  1. I was just about to close my extra tabs when I notice there is a 4th girl Google thinks I look like. This one advocates eating cake for breakfast. I can’t say that I disagree with her on that.

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