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A throw back horror

October 20, 2012

A classic 80’s horror movie double feature turned into a Play.  The Visceral Company’s presentation of Ghost Light written by Dan Spurgeon, and directed by John McCormick will take you back to your teens when you would catch a double horror feature in hopes of scaring your date into hugging you for comfort.

The story follows classic horror to a T.  Four college students are in a semi abandoned theater on Halloween.  The jock Josh(played by Nick Echols) constantly tries to scare his girlfriend Kelly(played by Stacy Snyder).  Kelly all the while feigns annoyance at his attempts to scare her, but she actually enjoys the attention.  The story is rounded off with Mike(Curtiss Johns) the rebellious actor, and Julia(Stefani Davis) the attractive unsure wallflower.

Josh and Kelly have snuck into the theater while they wait for Mike and Julia.  Eventually everyone arrives and following Mike’s insistence they trade ghost stories.  This was a lead up to Mike’s story about the theater they are now in which unnerves Julia, and scares the now stoned Josh.  As the story progresses like all 80’s horror movies some unseen queue allows the guys some alone time with their respective dates.  It’s here that we learn part of Julia’s tragic past which has led her to be a wallflower.  The gang gathers back for one final Halloween game, the Ouija Board… This is when things start to spin out of control and we find out it might just be one of the four present who are attracting the spirits.

The Play makes full use of the classic horror plot points, sounds from nowhere and flying objects scare the actors and audience alike.  This is where The Visceral Company really shines.  The Visceral Company is a step above the average Black Box Theater.  With a full stage, theater style seating and great lighting and sound system.  You become fully immersed in the darkness once the lights go out.  The seats actually shake as some unknown entity terrorizes the characters and audience.  All leading up to the final scene illuminated only by lightning strikes that made me wish I was in the front row to jump out of my seat in fear.

I did have one misgiving about the performance, and that would be Josh.  He plays a convincing dumb jock, but he oversells the part.  If this were a movie it would be perfect, but being a Play you don’t need to oversell the dumb jock so much. The live performance helps fill in the gaps as it’s easier to immerse yourself into the fictional world of live performance.  As it stands it comes off as more comedic than the great shock and awe horror that Ghost Light really is.

I highly suggest you go see Ghost Light, better yet see Ghost Light as a double feature with A Turn of the Screw being the first show.  In between hit up a local coffee house and order a double shot of caffeine so you are jittery.  The affect it will have on your system as you transition from Cerebral Horror to Classic Shock and Awe Horror will be worth staying up late.


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