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Monster Mash comedy just in time for Halloween

October 20, 2012

Not With Monsters is a Halloween comedy that will leave you in stitches.  I had no idea what I was in store for going in, and boy was I blown away.  Adam Neubauer has written a Monster Mash style comedy that belongs on TV as a full length made for TV movie.

The play starts out with our hero Bill(played by Cory Wzszynski) struggling to finish his next play while Anna(played by Caroline Montes) his girlfriend tries to reassure him.  Unfortunately is suffering from a monstrous case of writers block.  Not to worry soon he is visited by Future Bill(Played by Matt Sklar)(FB from here on) a version of himself from the near future.  FB proceeds to tell Bill that the fate of his writing and the world depends on him traveling in time to receive inspiration for his writing.  After a few well place and over the top hammy jokes FB gives Bill a time traveling pen available at the dollar store in the future.

It’s here that the jokes really start rolling and you sides start to hurt.  Bill goes through time to visit famous Monsters for inspiration.  Through his travels we realize that the stories told in the books aren’t 100% accurate.  Frankenstein for instance is an aspiring comedic actor, but he is just horrible and over sells all his jokes.  Dracula has dreams of being a singer while Mina ,his bride, along with the “Beard” of Frankenstein are nymphomaniacs that will tackle anything with the right equipment that comes into range.  The over the top jokes and random musical numbers make this a truly enjoyable play.  There is something about seeing Dracula with his chores of Ghouls singing Karaoke that put a grin on my face and kept it there all night.


As the story progresses you see the dramatic flip side which serves as a proper counter weight to the humor making the jokes stand out even more.  Bill is being chased through time by some unknown maniacal person who is clearly a few eyes of newt short of a proper potion.  I won’t spoil the ending but it’s a dozy and takes full advantage of the whole time travel paradox circular cause and effect issues.

The last musical number will leave you begging for more.  The moment the first three chords are struck and half the audience recognizes the song you can sense a change.  As the opening continues and everyone else realizes what is happening you become swept away in great memories and laughter.

The play itself was very fun, and made good use of hammy punch lines and the occasional break of the 4th wall that can be so hard to pull off.  I have nothing but good things to say about this play.  I think everyone should definitely see after all time is fleeting, and you don’t want madness to take its toll.


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  1. “Beard of Frankenstein” is a particularly good line. Bravo!

  2. Thanks, I’m still trying to find my Reviewing style. Since this was a comedy I went with a bit of levity in my review. I played around with my last sentence at least four different ways before I was happy with it.

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