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Leagalized Medical Marijuana and other drugs

November 15, 2012

This post is inspired by Anne Rice and an article she posted.  As well as a petition a friend posted on  Before you complain that the article has it’s flaws or the system recommended does as well.  I will freely admit any proposal will need work but any advancement will be better than nothing.
This is what I posted on her Facebook page, it’s a really condensed version of what happened in real life, but it’s the gist of what happened.

Me: Doctor all of my other injuries seem to be healing, but my broken/crushed bones are healing slowly and I swear some hurt more than before.
Doctor: Oh yeah that’s a side affect of the high levels of morphine we have you on, it strips the minerals from your bones.
Me: What are the other options
Doctor: Well we can give you anti seizure meds that slow your thinking down significantly, you’ll still be in pain but it will be like it’s in slow motion.
Me: Anything else without side effects?
Doctor: No!

A few weeks later a friend smokes me out just once for a few hours. The result, I was pain free for a week. No side effects, but Marijuana is illegal….
Morphine which literally slowed my healing and made me hurt more is legal, but Marijuana which had no side effects and I would only need it once a week is illegal…

Those anti-seizure meds I had been on before after a cancer surgery where they knicked the nerve.  The meds are horrible it slows you down.  Worse I was the 1 in however many(too many whatever the number) who developed muscle twitches from the medicine.  What muscle twitches you may ask?  If startled, or if I made sudden movements I would randomly punch or kick.  More than once this included punching myself in the face.  One time I punched so hard that my glasses flew off my face and I gave myself a bloody nose.  So how is that better than something I would only need to take once a week and have no side effects?

So while I admit there are downsides to legalizing drugs, there are also benefits, and to any of you who would say I should be in pain for your puritanical values.  You can kiss my shiny metal ass!  Yes I have one!

If you want here is the article Mrs. Rice posted, as well as a petition my friend put on

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