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With a nuggets of hope.

November 26, 2012

Astroglyde XX is an enjoyable collection of vignettes all with a touch of hope, joy and love.  The joys and hopes of this Holiday Season’s Play are hidden behind a mask of pain and sorrow.  Which I think shows our modern world quite nicely.

Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre Group does another amazing job and what I think is one of their best styles.  The vignette, or a collection of micro plays.  Each one can stand alone, however when you sit back and look back at the collection the sum is truly greater than the parts.  It is easy enough to think of each play as a sad look on the depressions that can so easily overwhelm us in our day to day lives. From heartbreak stemming from the loss of a parent at an early age, to unrequited love, and even the sadness that can come from being excluded from a group.  All of these things and more we experience in our day to day lives.  Even more so during the holidays.  It’s in this depression that hope can still be found, and if found can give us strength to carry on.

Take Pluto for example, alone at the far reaches of our solar system recently demoted to a Dwarf Planet.  A depressing situation similar to anyone who has ever been denied access to a club or clique in school or at work.  Hope can still be found in the discovery of new friends, and to possibility for new adventures and experiences that may have been closed to you if you were in the more “exclusive” club.

Or more still the lover ever distant from her loves due to her head being in a cloud of books.  Pushed into the arms of other men seeking that elusive Prince Charming she is never to find.  I could go on, but I really don’t want to spoil the show as each vignette deserves it’s chance to shine without my providing a synopsis.

The acting was captivating to watch.  To see an actor hold the stage entirely by themselves.  Able to captivate the audience, and carry on a dialogue with characters we are unable to hear or see… It was a joy to watch such strong acting.  I myself have been to see many Plays at Zombie Joe’s and to see actors who I had only previously seen in an ensemble stand alone and hold the stage was quite enjoyable.

While there are hard parts to watch, they only serve to highlight the hidden joys and hopes in each vignette.  There is even the possibility that a few if not most of the individual Acts will touch a cord with something in your past.  As I watched I found myself staring wide eyed at the fact that I’ve been there before.  Each time some recognition came across the stage I had to catch my breath in my throat to not gasp at recognition of what I was seeing.  Beyond that, Astroglyde XX is a comedy.  It serves so much better to mask a comedy in depression as you appreciate the laughs that much more.  More so since many of the Acts themselves touched upon my past experiences.  After I was able to think back to points in my life and laugh off the worries that I had yet to find the hope that was hidden there.

As a Comedy Astroglyde XX is a good show.  As a Holiday Play that can leave you with something to think about, and maybe find hope in situations where you had previously found no hope, and nothing to laugh at?  This is where Astroglyde XX stands as a great show.  It is a perfect Holiday accompaniment when the days grow short and the nights grow cold.  To have a Play that can show you there is a chance for hope and love at the end of the dark nights, that is what makes Art so amazing and unique to the human experience.  I encourage you to go see Astroglyde XX this holiday seasons.

Astroglyde XX runs Friday Nights at 8:30 through December 14th

For more information visit:

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