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A Campy Christmas Cabaret!

December 3, 2012

A_DOWN___DIRTY_CHRISTMAS_598_NO_RIGHT_35_FINALZombie Joe’s Theatre Group has another hit on their hands.  A Down & Dirty Christmas is everything you love about your favorite TV show doing a Christmas Special.

Vanessa Cate has taken her amazing cabaret “Down & Dirty” and transformed it into a campy Christmas Special that leaves you smiling from start to finish.  It’s has everything you like to see in a Christmas Special combined with a few things Madam Director(Vanessa Cate) longs for.  Laughs, a familiar if turned on its side moral, songs, dance numbers, a revealing tease, and of course Angst and shocking Macabre.  Madam Director can never have too much Angst, or Macabre after all.

ADown&DirtyChristmas@ZJU_Photo8The show starts out with a homage to A Charlie Brown Christmas.  The lovely Assistant(Natalie Hyde) is ever so cheerful in her tiny tiny Santa hat, and full of Christmas spirit as she decorates a pathetic Charlie Brown-esk tree.  Madam Director being the proverbial Grinch will have nothing to do with such Angst-less Tom-foolery.  From there the scene changes to something that anyone who has ever lived through a Christmas since 1946 will recognize right away.  As the lights come up the look on Madam Director’s face is so priceless I won’t spoil it.ADown&DirtyChristmas@ZJU_Photo1

Next we find ourselves on the practice stage at the Cabaret for what was one of the most amazing scenes of the Show.  Beautiful Cabaret Girls doing the Snoopy Dance.  You could fell the smiles of the audience growing three sizes bigger that scene.  And… on cue Madame Director storms in and tells them to stop dancing because they have to dance.  From here the show follows the path of just about every Christmas Special possible.  Doing a remarkable job of both celebrating Christmas and poking fun at Christmas Specials.

The story itself is about redemption and finding the meaning of Christmas.  Throughout her journey Madam Director is joined by Sammy The Snail(Paige O’Malley) her overly excitable spirit guide.  Through her travels there is a brief moment where Madam Director‘s Grinchness starts to make sense and we can’t have that… thankfully Sammy is persistent and hits her right where it hurts, I’ll leave you to find that out for yourself though.


Photo credited to WILLY ROMANO-PUGH

The individual numbers of A Down & Dirty Christmas are, well they are just so much fun to watch, and alwayse full of the angst that makes Down & Dirty an excellent cabaret.  From “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer” to The MC(Timothy Alonzo) singing “I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Clause” while in full drag.  The MC even does an excellent job of breaking the 4th wall and embarassing an audience member or two.

Every number is memorable and will put you in the Thanksgiving Spirit, or was it Christmas… Well whatever the case may be you’ll certainly be in higher spirits by the end of the Show.

Now if only I could suss out a recipe for Absinthe Crème Brûlée…


A Down & Dirty Christmas runs Fridays at 11pm through December 21st.  See it before the end of the world!

For more information visit:

Marked Photo Credited to WILLY ROMANO-PUGH

All other Photos Credited to Vanessa Cate

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