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A metaphysical play that touches parts of our shared experience.

February 1, 2013

Two_Cosmic_Brothers_Unshackle_Mother_Earth3_518-75Zombie Joe directs four transcendent mirrored archetypes through seemingly random arcs that loop back on themselves.  In the end you walk away slightly confused, but thinking “Hey I’ve been in that situation before.”.

When I say mirrored archetypes I should be more clear.  The characters are presented in such a way that anyone could place themselves in the funny, awkward, intense situations presented on stage.  They are archetypes, but viewed through our(the audiences) eyes.  They are strong, weak, unsure, proud.  Everything we can see in ourselves and those around us.  This is where the metaphysical quality of this play shows through.  We are able to view situations we have found ourselves in, from the outside.  See where we went right, and where we went wrong.

The vignettes cover everything, from your older brother(or friend) showing you how to pick up women, to Scarlett O’Hara refusing to give into desperation and rising up with a new sense of determination.  There are over 20 vignettes in all and each one gives you an opportunity to place yourself in their situation.  If you have never been in that situation before you can still benefit from watching, sort of a heads up if you ever find yourself in a similar situation.TwoCosmicBrothersUnshackleMotherEarth_PIC_1

The Brothers(Alex and Robert Walters) play off each other on so many levels perfectly.  Their chemistry on stage allows you to insert yourself or those you know into their positions and watch the play as if you were watching a replay of your life.  One of my favorite scenes of the entire night was when the fourth wall was completely torn down.  I don’t want to give too many details as that would spoil the effect but it was amazing.  The metaphysical tone of the play is further enhanced by the live musical score preformed by Christopher Reiner.  Rounding out this metaphysical story are  The Sisters(Amy Bartlett) (Nicole Fabbri) who help add to the mirrored archetypes; allowing you to insert others from your past into this replay

Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre Group has once again shown they can handle any type of performance.



Two Cosmic Brothers Unshackle Mother Earth runs through February 9th

For more information visit:

All Photos Credited To: Zombie Joe

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