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Priest, Sex, Murder, A Demon. Oh my!

March 25, 2013

Dirty_Little_Demon_FINAL_577x785-50Dirty Little Demon takes dark ephemeral desires and gives them a physical form. That physical form, the Demon, is able to enjoy what many keep locked away.

The show starts with the shamanistic/pagan ritual; in which the Demon is summoned(completely naked). When you summon a demon it can go a few ways: blood and gore, Faustian deals, or my favorite the suave sophisticated demon in love with life. As soon as they summon Demon they dress him in slacks, sport coat and a stylish hat. He slakes his thirst with a long pull of whiskey and begins to soft shoe dance to crooner jazz. The perfect demon in love with the sophisticated life and all the pleasures entailed therein.DirtyLittleDemon@ZJU_PIC_1

From here we move on to the other sinners, I mean characters. Each of the next scenes introduces another character who has let their dark desires consume them beyond redemption. That’s not to say all of their desires are evil, but by locking them away from the world and only acknowledging them in their most twisted forms they have become personal sins. Each scene shows a different physical and emotional pleasure taken to the point of excess. I don’t want to spoil their pleasures for you; you’ll have to see the show to enjoy them yourself.

Dirty Little Demon is a shining example of why you see a play at Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre Group. It’s dark twisted and sophisticated. You see the darker aspects of life placed in an entertaining light that often rings true on a personal level. If the message does not ring personally; at the very least you’re entertained the whole way through.

DirtyLittleDemon@ZJU_PIC_3Anyone who can portray a Demon(Matt Harrison) with sophistication and class instantly has my praise. Even when engaging in vulgar and crude gestures there was an underlying layer of refinement that only the pit can bring about. Jeff(David Wyn Harris) is a convincingly dominated whimp. You really felt he was losing his grasp on reality whimpering in that corner. Father Cyrus(Mark Leland) fell apart when confronted with his sins as you would expect any good Catholic priests to do. I do wish there could have been more character development with the priest. Angela(Keri Green) played the self loathing dominatrix to a T. The self loathing was all subtext but anyone who is spent enough time amongst Dom’s and Tom’s can see the different motivations that drive each role. Gabby(Caitlin Reilly) died quite early, but was the perfect picture of a terrified young lady being assaulted and dominated. I look forward to seeing her utilized more fully in future shows.

For my tastes I would have preferred more metaphysical scenes if only to accentuate the horror and beauty of the physical scenes. The Play does not need these, it is just a personal preference. Whether you like demons sex and murder or underground Theatre in general you should check out Dirty Little Demon at Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre Group.


(Top Row, Left to Right): Matt Harrison, Joseph Le Compte…(Center Row, Left to Right): Keri Green, Mark Leland…(Bottom Row, Left to Right): David Wyn Harris, Caitlin Reilly

Dirty Little Demon(written and directed by Joseph Le Compte) runs Fridays at 8:30 PM through March 3.

For more information please visit:

All Photo Credit: Zombie Joe.

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