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An Artist’s Fall and Ascension

March 26, 2013

Sculptress_Of_Angel_X_600-60_FINALSculptress of Angel X takes you on the roller coaster all artistic people struggle through. We’ve all experienced depression and ecstasy; few experience these emotions consecutively or to their full extent. Sculptress of Angel X gives us a glimpse into the life of an artist. The tragedy and beauty that can encompass such a life.

The non-sequential story follows the life of artist the Wyler Benoit. We begin with Wyler engaging in a fast paced threesome; only to find out she is a junkie streetwalker at the bottom of a deep hole. We then meet Wyler’s personal Angel Angela. Like all redemption stories the downtrodden quickly dismiss those that would help them. This is followed by one more scene to show just how desperate Wyler’s situation is; then it’s off to the past.SculptressOfAngelX@ZJU_PIC_1

Wyler’s past is full of tragedy that would later become the source of her inspiration and regression into depression. Through brief scenes we are able to see how tragedy begets beauty, and beauty begets tragedy. In the end all the strings are tied together and the audience is given a pearl of hope that the future might be brighter.

Wyler Benoit(Melita Camilo) is a complex character with many faces. Melita Camilo wears each successive mask as well as those that came before. Her portrayal of an innocent shy girl unable to speak was a highlight of her performance. Without words she was able to captivate the audience and convey all the emotions of a soul in pain. Her transition to a young woman in love, followed by a junkie whore were just as profound. You felt everything she felt. Laszlo Benoit(Kirby Anderson) Wyler’s uncle and the lover demonstrated the extreme highs and lows an artist goes through. We all understand depression in the abstract Kirby’s performance bridges the gap between abstract and concrete understanding. If you don’t understand the emotions and artist goes through on a daily basis, you’re closer to understanding them after seeing his performance. Angela/Angel X(Mandana Wright) portrays an inanimate object, a concerned friend, and a saving angel with grace and compassion. Little Joe(Tucker Matthews) shows the eccentricity that a mixture of emotions can bring about. As well as being an entertaining cross-dresser and enthusiast of all forms of physical pleasure. If I could change anything about Sculptress of Angel X, I would have made Angela; Wyler’s mother. This way she becomes the source of Wyler’s redemption and the seed of her pain.SculptressOfAngelX@ZJU_PIC_11

Sculptress of Angel X bridges the gap between knowing and understanding the emotions artists struggle through on daily basis. More importantly it does so by humanizing these emotions; not removing them as if they were foreign or abstract. Sculptress of Angel X is truly equalizing play. It takes complex emotions and makes them tangible so we can understand one another.




Sculptress of Angel X(Written by Zombie Joe)(Directed by Vanessa Cate) runs Fridays at 11 PM through May 10

For more information please visit:

All Photo Credit: Vanessa Cate.

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