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Dueling Bagpipes

April 5, 2013

I’m part of an authors group, and last night we were challenged to write a 100 word short story. Not being one to obey the rules I wrote a 294 word story(including the title, and ‘the end’). Turns out I like the idea of doing these micro stories. It’s like a fun way to practice story development. You have to get straight to the point, and find your way out of a rabbit hole. So here it is.

Dueling Bagpipes.

The sound of bodhrán echo the distant thunder. Two caravans of tin whistlers merge round a bonfire their refrains loop together. The pressure of the bodhrán, and whistles push the flames back and forth in a contest. Silence!… A blue skinned man clad only in a kilt of purple steps forward with bagpipes. A red skinned man likewise in black kilt steps forward. Before their eyes meet the man of red skin begins a dirge, a coiled viper made of flame shoots from the cherry red wood. The blue skinned man lets forth a sharp cry from his pipes; a raptor echoes the cry descending as a bolt of lightning. As the raptor and viper collide the refrain begins again. The pipers continue to play, each sharp note a misstep for their spirit animal. The whistlers and bodhrán men push the sound into frenzy. One last shrill note. Silence!… The raptor bites the viper in two, just as the viper plunges its fangs into the birds neck. They explode in a burst of purple/blue and red/black. The man of red skin bows, the flames part and a maiden of red skin in an ivory gown steps forward. The man of blue skin bows, another bolt of lightning descends to the earth. A young warrior of blue skin, and purple kilt appears. The warrior steps toward the maiden. A hermit with antlers upon his brow comes forth from the caravan. Binds their hands with hempen rope torn from his robes; gathering the remnants of the explosion he places them in a chalice. Pouring wine into the unity cup he presents it to the warrior and maiden. They each drink, then throw the chalice into the bonfire. Darkness!… The clans are united.

The End.

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