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It’s time for a 3D sport

April 15, 2013

Too long have our sports been confined to the basic 2D plane. Where the players travel within the bounds of an XY-plane. Only the scoring object (ball) leaves this plane. Though I admit jumping is possible, it is still not much of a departure.

I propose a new sport. One that employees the indoor skydiving wind tunnels, and the large trampolines for trampoline basketball. Let’s move the players and the ball into the XYZ-Plane. A 3D sport, full of fast action, and some mid air tackles.

The floor and walls (at an angle other than 90*) will be covered in trampoline material (though able to allow large amounts of air to pass through). Under the floors, and in a few random wall locations (perhaps moving, maybe even a down draft) there will be powerful fans capable of supporting the players. Along the edge of the court will be a small path to serve as a place to bring the ball into play. Along the floor there will be trampoline sections without fans to serve as landing/pass zones.

Players will move from one end of the court to another in a style similar to basketball/soccer. The players will have to pass the ball when they reach a pass zone, or they will be considered traveling. Players can travel along the floor via jumping or running if they are not in possession of the ball. If a player has the ball or are trying to score they must be air born unless in a landing zone. The object of the game is to throw the ball past the goalie through one of the goals. The ball will be weighted so that it will not be blown around easily by the wind.

Players will wear skydiving gear with protective pads as this will be a contact sport. Main ball carriers will have a standard suit, while the defender position will have a skydiving wing so they can better control their travel through the wind. Only the two (maybe one) defenders on a team can tackle a ball carrier, all other players must intercept the ball, or steal it from their hands. All players can score, but the nature of a defenders suit would limit their throwing ability.


This can turn out to be a lot of fun, imagine seeing players fly through the air to score their goals!



(I retain all rights to this idea, but I would love to talk to anyone who can actually make this happen).

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