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Etz Chaim fiction

May 14, 2013

I am part of a gaming,  currently adventuring in Etz Chaim. A world created by RM Widner and E Levy. The world is a completely new campaign, and we are currently Alpha testing a new D20 system. Throughout the campagin classes, and abilities (spells) will be reworked and names may change(which will be reflected in the fiction and will eventually be retconned).

In the mean time I will be chronicling our adventures in the form a Serial. That is multiple stories based on our campaign. As needed actions/dialogue will be added/removed or altered from their original campaign form to fit the flow of the story. E Levy will also be working on fiction for this world. The world belongs to RM Widner, the characters belong to the individual players who created them. The serialized stories are authored by me, or E Levy and all rights are retained to RM Widner, E Levy and myself (That is the serialized fiction is mine and the world is theirs).

I will be linking to this post with every Serialized post so as to remind everyone that all rights are retained at all times. You may see our adventures/campaign on obsidian portal. The current D20 system listed is only for a rubric as the new system is currently in development.

For more information on our campaign please visit:

Etz Chaim


If you enjoy the story, or world, or even have qualms please leave comments and let us know.

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