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Trapped in a Zombie Movie!

May 30, 2013

attack_of_the_rotting_corpses_FLYER_516x768_55_FINALAttack Of The Rotting Corpses is a fun ride. It’s a comedy horror mash-up that will shock you, only to have you beg for more. The story takes place in the lobby of an upscale condo complex with full concierge services day and night. Though it could double for a mental hospital and the concierges the orderlies.

AttackOfTheRottingCorpses2013@ZJU_PHOTO_3Zombie Joe has written a story that knits the macabre chain stitching the humor. You will easily find a Zombie/Lesbian seduction scene stitched together with punch lines that will have your sides splitting. Mack (Corey Zicari) is the night concierge and has the misfortune of having everything go pear-shaped from the moment her co-worker leaves. Thankfully she is not caught totally unawares, Blane (R. Benjamin Warren) a maintenance man who I can only assume has a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology warns her it might hit the fan. This does nothing to protect her from the eccentric residents though.

Throughout the night the residents return home from their day out, and interact with Mack and each other in the oddest of ways. It’s a wonder the tenants haven’t killed each other before now. At the very least some should not be allowed around the general public unsupervised. That’s the charm of Attack Of The Rotting Corpses. As odd, and unlikable as the characters are you can’t help but like them. They are just people after all, and we all have our quirks.AttackOfTheRottingCorpses2013@ZJU_PHOTO_7

Attack Of The Rotting Corpses takes a different turn when it comes to Zombies, and one I find quite interesting. To see this twist we have to ask ourselves; what does a Zombie represent? Inhumanity uncontrolled. It’s a great fear in humans; what happens if all the social constructs and barriers we have erected come down? We become unthinking animals of course willing to eat our neighbors. We have more barriers than just hunger though, wouldn’t it make sense that all of them come down one at a time? Avarice, Sloth, Lust, Wrath, Pride, Envy, Gluttony. Each of these is a barrier we guard against lest we be considered animals. In Attack Of The Rotting Corpses each character goes through the sins, while serving as pinnacle arch-types for the sin they are burdened with most. As the infection slowly grows the walls come down until they give into the inhumanity of it all.AttackOfTheRottingCorpses2013@ZJU_PHOTO_1

Merging macabre and humor is difficult to pull off, yet something Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre Group is very practiced at. They hit you hard and fast with laughs, and horror, only to leave you thinking. How does this relate to something that just happened in my life? It’s a unique experience and one I enjoy every time I attend one of their macabre performances.


Attack Of The Rotting Corpses (Written by Zombie Joe, and Directed by Sebastian Munoz) runs Fridays at 11pm, Through July 12th.

All Photos Credit: Adam Neubauer

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