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Bring a Rosary

June 25, 2013

p_1136_i_9276735Exorcistic The Rock Musical Parody Experiment, or as the “cast” like to call it “Your mother sucks cocks in hell” is a brilliant musical. More than a musical, it’s a parody on the genre, Hollywood, and theater in general. For starters the majority of the show occurs on the audience side of the fourth wall. They accomplish this by making it a play about a musical, within the musical. This allows them to make tongue in cheek jokes about musicals, the horror genre, theater and Hollywood in general. You’ll end up laughing your way through a horror story, though you might just need your Rosary by the end.p_1136_i_8094294

Part one finds us in the show prep; with rehearsals, and all the usual behind the scenes drama that Theater patrons aren’t privy too. The show opens to the stage manager is running around frantic and swearing she won’t be cleaning up any pea soup. The scene is full of angst as the actors do their little pre-show rituals. Stretching, warming their vocal cords, grabbing their own asses whatever floats their boat eventually the SM gets everyone situated in the writer begins to speak. We know he’s the writer because notebook says “I’m the fucking writer!”. There are three songs in part one, opening with wise I rock dirge and ending with something reminiscent of The Partridge Family.

exorcistic1Part two of the show is the first live stage performance, that just happens to occur at Hollywood Fringe Theater Festival. It’s here we get to see why this show is so “experimental”. They do a little anatomy of the scene (like on bluray) in the middle of the show. They’ll ring a metal triangle stop acting and explain exactly what’s going on in the scene we just saw. Then it’s back to the show. It’s also in part two where if you’re paying attention you might start to notice something isn’t quite right with one of the actors. The musical is based on a cursed movie, and book, after all. It’s in part two where the songs become a little bit darker, and the story about the musical starts to take form.

In part three they finally made it to the big stage, The Pantages. It’s opening night, there’s been a few cast adjustments but they’ll sort themselves out. They also take many of their jabs, at theater, in part three. Such as mugging for the spotlight, being a bit of a prima-donna backstage. We also start to get a stronger feeling that the show might be cursed. If you brought that Rosary you should take it out right now. If I were to say anymore I would start to give away the story and where is the fun be in that.exorcistic1

Exorcistic is an enjoyable ride, breaching the fourth wall makes it even more enjoyable . At one point a possessed Reagan (Laura Sperrazza), I mean Megan, enters the audience to sing/scream at you. As she passed me I grabbed my cane making sure it was out of her way. She saw this grabbed the handle of my cane and screamed “Shove it up your ass you fucking faggot!” in my face. For half a second I thought she really was possessed. As I said this show destroys the fourth wall. At the same time they put on a performance on the proper side of the fourth wall. Bouncing back and forth and maintaining the integrity of their characters’ as well as the illusion of theater is hard to pull off. This cast doesn’t seamlessly.

I honestly wouldn’t be able to find enough adjectives to describe the songs without seeming like I’m throwing thesaurus at you. Exorcistic is the type of musical you want to see again and again because the songs are fun to sing along to. They are warped and twisted, but so much fun. The entire show is PG-13 may be NC-17, but it feels G rated at the same time. I couldn’t help but smile entire way through, when I wasn’t making the sign of the cross.


Exorcistic The Rock Musical Parody Experiment (Written by Michael Shaw, Directed by Pat Towne) runs through The Hollywood Fringe Theater Festival.

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