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One Soul of a Good Time

June 11, 2014

This week in my game (new campaign 2 new players). First meeting at the tavern.

A tiefling and a drow disembark from a paddle ship in a backwater bayou town. Red Gnome, a town known best for being a stop over to anywhere better. Well a stop over, and zombies, even the dire mosquitoes turn zombie. There are quite a few undead cults, and some even had out hick tracts, going door to door prostetaliaing the joys and freedom of being undead.

As the drow and tiefling make their way through a crowed docks, a dwarf dressed far to flamboyantly contemplates going over, through or around the town hall on the way to the tavern. Scratching his Mohawk the dwarf tosses a coin in the air “heads over, tails through”. The coin hits the eve and ricochets down the alley. A passerby picks it up, staring at it his eyes lose focus and he passes out. “Inside out again, I guess I go around, come on you stupid donkey”. A relieved warhorse gives a whinny and follows.

Arriving at the tavern he orders the best Dwarven ale available. Next to him a human with wrapped knuckles finishes his drink. “You call this strong, give me something that’ll curl my hair”. An annoyed bartender opens a top shelf and pulls out a ceramic bottle. Pouring a shot as carefully as possible. The human takes up the shot, now glowing faintly green, “now that’s what I’m talking about.”.

As the tiefling leaves the docks and makes her way to the dusty main road she looks up, seeing the sun at high noon. With a sigh she pulls her hood further down, covering her face. Suddenly a shadowy form coalesces, taking the shape of a prismatic dragon born, in priestly vestments. “If you don’t like the looks people give you why do you insist on meditating with a demon every morning”. “It keeps us alive”. “It doesn’t keep me alive, my faith in the arcane keeps me alive”. The tiefling pushes onward attempting to ignore the apparition. From the shadows the drow gives her and the shadow a wary look.

Approaching the tavern the tiefling steps over a drunken human. Before she can step through the threshold the dragonkin leans over and says “if you can’t hold your drink, maybe you…” Stepping through the door and closing it the tiefling breathes a sigh of relief. Scanning the bar for a safe table she notices her companion happily waving from a table that covers the whole room.

Outside the drow sees the shadow dissipate. The human looking around for the source of the voice spots a warhorse. “Drink, of course I’ll have another, I’m still waiting for the last one to kick in.”. With a smirk the drow walks by “that’s a horse, not a bar wench”, proceeding to enter the tavern.

Seeing all the most defensible positions taken, the drow sits against the far wall, shifting so one eye looks west towards the tiefling and her strange companion, the eye, a mechanical piece spins around never focusing on one spot too long. He calls over a server.

“What will you two ladies have”, the tiefling orders mead, and asks for an empty class for her friend. “What she said I’ll have a water.”. Shaking her head the tiefling inquires about a patron she heard of on the paddle ship, one who might offer a job. Glaring at the two women for a moment she nods to the far corner near the bar proper “that’s the man you’ll want.”.

Looking towards the dwarf, Laschiel notices another flamboyant dwarf approach and pound beer steins down at the table. “Have you heard the good word of Loki, Dwarven god of chaos?”. Before she can restrain her companion she notices wisps of shadow forming behind the flamboyant dwarf. “Chaotic magic does not need help, but I suppose an agent of chaos with sufficient power can drive magic forward as well as any other.”. The dwarf stares at the shadowy figure for a moment and takes a long pull from his stein.

Suddenly the tavern doors swing open and no one enters. The doors don’t quite close all the way and on the floor a drunken human is crawling in. Back at the table in the corner the business like dwarf asks the two if they would like a job. The flamboyant dwarf says he might like some coin. Excited, but apprehensive the dragonkin asks for more info. “Why don’t you invite your friend over to discuss the details.”. “We are partners and I can decide for us.” “Humor me?” “I never get to decide anything it’s not…”.

From across the room Laschiel says she’ll be right over. On her way she grabs a pitcher of water, pouring it on the drunk human. By the time she gets there the drow is standing near. The human chokes on water for a moment, sitting up seeing a large party gathered around a table he stumbles over to see what all the fun is about.

“There you have it, a simple job killing a local Mage, whose darlings in the chaotic are making a mess for everyone. I”ll pay you all ten gold, plus you may keep whatever items you may find,mor monies of course.”. With a sigh of incredulity the dragonkin speaks up “she makes more in one hour plying her disgusting trade at local inns”.

The drunken human leans against the shadowy dragon for a moment, Laschiel’s eyes glow purple, only to fall through her into a chair. Laschiel lets out a laugh. “And what is this trade your friend specializes in”, the human asks standing to wobbly feat. “She whips men, and women for money, ties them up, it’s all rather unseemly”.

Eyes wide with glee the human strokes the tielfings horn. “So my dear, you’re a lady of the red light, how much for a go here and now?”. “I’m not a call girl, I provide a needed outlet for those who need to be dominated.”. Stroking her horn a little more vigorously “don’t play hard to get, how much I’ll pay upfront.”. “If you haven’t notice we’re trying to discuss business with this man.”. “So am I, come one you’re a whore just take my money!”.

To the side the drow bargains a hard deal, insisting on half of the gold up front, as a good faith gesture.

Turning to face the human squarely, she smiles. In a voice laced with honey, and a tinge of venom “oh sweetie”. She reaches forward, he flinches, she strokes his cheek. “Sweetie, you wouldn’t have the stamina for what I’d to to you”.

Her eyes flash purple, than go dark. As she finishes stroking his cheek, his eyes roll back and she shutters. Pulling her hand away from his cheek she draws out a portion of his soul. Looking at the delicate aether in her hand, she shakes away the remnant like so much flotsam washed up from the bayou.

He convulses and falls to the floor. “Oh my god you killed him!”. “That’s enough from you”. Waving her hand she scatters the shadows that comprise her ‘friend’. The drow looks to her, “you can just dismiss her?”. “Not all the time, it’s complicated, her hysterics should keep her at bay for a few hours at least.”.

Looking to the human the drow asks “is he really dead”. Kicking him with a cloven foot Laschiel shrugs “seems that way.”. “Oh dear, this could be a problem, this was supposed to be a four man job.”. “I could heal him if I had my supplies the flamboyant dwarf mentions.”. “I’ve actually got something”, the drow reaches into his bag. Pulling out a cylinder with a big red button. Pushing it once a metal needle unsheathes at lightning speed, making a biting sound as the metal scrapes against it’s housing.

Along the side in common it says ‘this way to semi dead’, with an arrow pointing towards the needle. He plunges the needle into the heart of the human and pushes he red button once again. The humans body goes stiff his eyes fly open and golden light shines through them. Standing up screaming he shouts “that was the best sex ever! How much do I owe you”. Grabbing the cylinder from his chest, and yanking at an angle Laschiel says “he hired us to do a job, half now, half on completion. I get your half now.” “Works for me, how much to go again?”. “There won’t be an again, and if there is, there won’t be medical aide so readily available either.”. She shakes the needle under his nose and drops it to the table.

Later as the party makes their way along the bayou road, the dragonkin appears. “What happened, did you really kill him”. Stepping forward the drow looks at the shadow “he was just drunk, I gave him something to sober up”. With a sigh she says “Oh that’s good! I’d hate Laschiel to go to jail. Somehow she alwayse ends up dragging her with me.” Wandering off she fades away. “So you really can’t control her?”. “Oh it gets worse than that.”.

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