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Are Dreams Reality?

June 13, 2015

inside the mind of meInside The Mind of Me (written and directed by Wade F. Wilson) is an existential journey though the mind of Me (Michael Marcel). Our journey takes place inside Me’s mind, you see Me is in a coma. Throughout Me’s journey we revisit his recent and distant past.

What happens when the only landscape one can traverse, day in and day out, is their own mind? When left only to the devices of our memories, do we become the plaything of our inner demons, and better angels? What of our friends, and family; what happens to them?

Me has been in a coma long enough for his ex Jessica (Brooke Maroon) and best friend Chris (Eric Anthony) to move on. Together that is; move on, and stop visiting as often. Jessica and Chris are visiting Me in the hospital. The scene, and empty bed, which represents the emptiness of Me’s body. His mind and spirit are elsewhere, trapped inside some purgatory.

While Jessica and Chris visit the empty shell that is Me, we are afforded the opportunity to view inside Me’s head. We witness his journey of self discovery, and exploration. See his past ghosts, witness his tormentors, chief among them Circus (Graydon Schlichter). Circus is a demon, with a grudge against Me, and Angel (Kire Horton). Angel and Circus appear to have a dark past, one which drives Angel away when Me needs her most.

When Angel leaves, we are afforded a life lesson, sometimes we must face our demons alone. Only after we have stood up to them will our better angels, our friends are able to stand beside us. Inside the Mind of Me is a wild ride, with the power to stir deep emotions in anyone who has ever experienced trauma.

While exploring Me’s mind we are given glimpses of his life, starting with his traumas. These traumas, a difficult childhood, witnessing his grandfather having a heart attack, an abusive father, a mentally broken mother. Through the gauntlet of trauma, Me emerges on the other side, visiting happy memories. It requires conscious effort, even for the unconscious, to choose to focus on the joys in our life. Yes there is sorrow, and it shapes us, but our joys define us in the end. That is the lesson Me learns through his journey.

Wade Wilson used the venue perfectly. A black box theatre in the heart of Fringe allows a director and audience so much freedom. As much freedom as the mental landscape of a coma patient. Using dialogue, and the gestures of the actors, a picture of a set is painted before the audience. You see a world, both hazy, nebulous, yet clear. This is an amazing medium considering the theme, being stuck in one’s own head. As Me learns he can shape his world, so to we learn we can shape our world.

The entire cast does an amazing job, and I wish I could give a nod to each, Death’s (Erin Braswell) ever present visage, both in the real world, and Me’s mind. Erin adds grace and beauty to Death, which makes her inevitability a bit more palpable. We are of course witness to a full cast of characters who only exist as shadows of memories, or demons in Me’s head. For Jessica, and Chris who appear both in memory, and real life, we see a range of physical acting. When Me confronts mental projections of Jessica, and Chris, they take on a dower tone. This is Me projecting what he thinks they will say, not their actual words. They show the difference through their movements, slower, unsure. It’s a nice delineation between reality, and the dreamscape.

If you want a surreal experience, one that will make you rethink how you view negative and positive memories. Inside the Mind of Me is the Fringe show for you.

Inside the Mind of Me (written and directed by Wade F. Wilson) runs during the 2015 Hollywood Fringe season. For more information and tickets please visit

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