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Dashed on the rocks of life

June 13, 2015


I had the pleasure of kicking of the 2015 Hollywood Fringe season with 5 Sirens Beware of Rocks, a refreshing series of vignettes. As the title suggests Sirens are involved, and what are sirens if not beautiful, powerful, independent women.

5 Sirens is a collection of five independent stories, all with a central theme, powerful women. Feminine strength comes in many forms, strength through vulnerability, kindness and compassion, nervousness. Women posses the ability to turn various aspects into strengths, even at their weakest hour, women are at their strongest.

As I said there are five vignettes, each of which shows the Sirens through the lens of different strengths. In Spock at Bat, we see a strong sports fan of a Siren, Lacey (Jenny Curtis). She is independent, and a huge baseball fan. Enter Spock, or rather a geek of a man, Alex (Robert Seeley). Both Alex and Lacey have a nervous chemistry in their flirtations. It’s clear they like each other, yet they are so different, they don’t know how to proceed. In the end it’s Lacey who guides Alex into acting. She does this in the gentlest of ways, so he thinks it’s his idea. That is one of the strengths women have, they can guide others to have the courage to act, in the end thinking they did it all themselves.

Don’t Panic, shows the strength inherent between two women helping each other. In this case the strength shared by two sisters. Paige (Julianna Robinson) is having a panic attack, and needs the help of her sister to calm down. Through the course of the story Paisley (Kara Ludke) absorbs her sister’s panic, and has an attack of her own. Through this we see that women can absorb the hardship of others. Better still, when Paige calms Paisley down, we see the inherent strength a woman finds when she helps another. Paige manages to find her center, her calm by helping calm Paisley down. We see that women grow stronger still, the more they are there for those they care about.

Being Fringe, and since 5 Sirens is a collection of short stories, I don’t want to give away anymore of the details of the remaining three stories. 5 Sirens is something you have to experience for yourself. I will touch on the themes they cover, in hopes to temp you to see this powerful example of the strength of womanhood.

We see the strength a woman has when she surrender her control to one she cares for. There is the strength of not only the survivor, but the fierce mother protecting her child. It’s challenging enough to make it through your days saving your spoons. At the end of her rope, holding no more spoons, we see how women have a deeper reserve they know nothing about until they need it, until their child is hurting. Than a fierce lioness regains a voice she has long lost. Lastly we see the strength of a woman who has to give up something she knows she wants badly. It’s hard giving up what we want, even if it’s for the better. It’s a difficult decision all women must make at one time or another, even if they are from another planet.

5 Sirens Beware of Rocks, is a must see this Hollywood Fringe season. The talented female playwrights, and director have dug deep to show that even at their most vulnerable women are strong creatures. It’s clear that they have each drawn experiences in their lives to, shared with us vulnerable moments. Moments that can teach us to all be stronger.

5 Sirens Beware of Rocks (Directed by Laura Steinroeder) runs during Hollywood Fringe. Please visit for tickets and more information

All Photos Credit: John M. Wetzork

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