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*Warning* Respitory Distress

December 10, 2016

diehard_sqA wisp of startled breath tickled a grin unto my face moments after curtain, a smile that didn’t go away until I woke for work the following day.

*Warning* *Health Advisory* A Very Die Hard Christmas is the funniest Christmas musical I’ve seen. Multiple times throughout I was silently gasping for breath, unable to stop laughing. I can’t even be coy with the start of this review, simply overt and direct. Go buy your tickets, Link, I’ll wait. Good, now back to the review…

Theatre Unleashed distilled the essence of the Holiday movie/special: concentrated it, then added their biting wit and sarcastic regard for modern social politeness, damn good improve, covered it all in holiday magic and laughter. The entire audience was laughing from start to finish, to the point where I knew several unique laughter styles. Feeling the entire audience laughing along with you, it was impossible not to be moved into feeling magic was real.

The improve and interaction with the audience… if the acting, direction, and lyrics hadn’t been among the best comedy I’ve seen, the immersive pulled in feeling from the fourth wall breaches would have made this show amazing. Sarcastic asides, hinted inside jokes, this feeling of being in the know. The audience wasn’t just watching, they were experiencing, and we were invited to be along for the ride.

Though never directly opposed Robby DeVillex and Josef Knauber were dueling for ownership of the stage. Separate categories though; Josef owned the stage through the strength of his sarcastically dark portrayal of Hans Gruber. Robby was the everyman, five of them to be precise, two of them anthropomorphized puppets. Each character was perfectly delineated, even when bouncing between three characters in one scene. You’re left wondering if Robby did some dark ritual to channel Dead Pool with his improvisation and fourth wall sundering (thanks for the ultra close air kiss darlin’).

Wade F. Wilson, you need to be cast in the eventual reboot, Demand Gregory Crafts be part of it, because a dark comedy take of Die Hard needs to be a thing the world sees.

You have to see A Very Die Hard Christmas, the only thing I could do here is poorly relate the grandeur and joy I felt literally through the night until the following morning and through work even. Every aspect of the show: the wit, songs, satire, improvisation, set use and direction, every single aspect was on point. All building to an ending that felt like Christmas magic was happening on stage.

A Very Die Hard Christmas is up there with memories of watching Die Hard with Pa at Christmas, I felt like he was there with me, and like he would have laughed with me the whole way though.

That’s the Christmas Magic I felt and I’ve been avoiding writing for a week because of how powerful that was, and what I’m going through in my life. I’m sorry for the delay in this review, but thank you, because I’ve felt like my Pa was back with me this last week and I needed that more than any other time.

I know that last paragraph isn’t entirely professional, but this show was powerful and brought Christmas Magic to life to someone who game up on Christmas Magic long ago. The Theatre is powerful, and this time it really got to me…

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