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January 20, 2017

Miss Cate has chosen a deliciously dark & enchantingly enthralling venue to display the hypnotic dance skills of her talented girls.

Upon entering The Vampire Lounge & tasting room, I was fortunate enough to spy the lovely Miss Cate entertaining guests at the bar, one of her girls, coat cloaked, came up to her and spoke with her. As Miss Cate smiled and laughed I was overtaken with the impression the Vampire Lounge materialized around her, and the lovely ladies of Cabaret le Fey. Such is the tone set by the alchemical concoction catalyzed by the perfect sound accompaniment, picked to enhance the night by Vanessa Cate.

The world needs whimsy & beauty; kicking off 2017 with a David Bowie inspired cabaret is a great way to raise the whimsy to eleven.

Everything about the night blended together into a fine evening out, and a better Thursday night in winter I can’t think than wine and talented women dancing beautifully. I began with an obligatory red wine, Miss Cate having told me I could put my fate in the hands of the sommelier, and proceeded upstairs again on the recommendation of Miss Cate. As the leader of Cabaret le Fey, she knows her venue well. There were box seats pushed up next to the railing giving a balcony view akin to a theatre purpose built for cabaret.

If you want to be closer to the action, the bar is the perfect place, the dancers are as close as life with the stage being a perfectly framed corner, the dancers tantalizing & teasing the passersby through a large pane window. Set in the corner wall from the window is a gorgeous mirror affording a second angle of the dark angels tempting our more interesting thoughts to the surface.

The whole evening as I said was accompanied by music picked purposefully by Miss Cate to drive our emotions forward through the theme of the evening, which mirrored 2016 using David Bowie and the roller coaster of the past year. The dancers drew us visually through the sway of rise and fall, fast and slow. As if the music and dancing weren’t magick enough Miss Cate admitted that she used the darkest sorcery to fog up the window for the first time ever, or at least during a show. She was forced to admit her witchery after I’d commented that the venue seemed to further evolve its enchantments.

I look forward to the next bi-monthly installment of Cabaret le Fey, with rumors of vampires flitting through the Vampire lounge, I hope to position myself across the mirror at the bar. I’ll need to closely see if the dancers gracing the stage have reflections or not.

If you’re looking to do something fun, eclectic and witness something stunningly beautiful, you should consider stopping by Cabaret le Fey, every other week on Thursdays. It’s the perfect week night relaxing entertainment.


Cabaret le Fey runs every other Thursday at Vampire Lounge & tasting room from 9p to 12a

For more information please visit:


Cabaret le Fey


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