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Nasty Women’s Revolt

January 24, 2017

As I drove down, I was saddened for the need of protest shows; the whole audience was somber at the onset, reflecting my general tone. Fortunately our fires were stoked by the passions and fury on stage.

The spirit of dissent is alive and well in the world. Which is a very good thing; I was afraid we’d made so many gains in such short order that we were going soft & complacent. I am glad for the spark start of our vital essence to progress towards equality.

Anti-Inauguration Night: a variety show to benefit Planned Parenthood what better way to christen Eclectic Theatre as the new home of True Focus Theater! The fires of determination were kindled and great billows of anger breathed icy wrath into the flames. Before the end of the first piece the audience was alive and ready for an energetic evening. Sally Sincere doing an ASL strip tease was just the magic spark needed to get us fired up.

This nearly all female variety show, shows a wide breadth of diverse women, each finding unique ways to express their pains, anger, frustrations, fears, etc… The eve before the Women’s March AIN was the perfect primer to get everyone ready to fight for change, fight to keep our rights!

Issaic came on stage, after Sally Sincere had finished teasing the crowd, and delivered a powerful spoken word. There was a repeated line that resonated so strongly it needs to be shared. “I will not go quietly into this inauguration night.”~Issaic

The Eclectic Theatre was standing room only on January 20th, thankfully there was room for me to sit on a step. Just after Women Matter, there was a scene so powerful I had to sit down. I’ve lived through hell, and this show was able to show the audience that that hell still exists for women across the nation. Yet we get up every morning hide our pains and keep going.

If this is the caliber of what we can expect from True Focus Theater at their new home, then the theatre audience in the Los Angeles area is about to be rocked with powerful pieces that can shake you, raise you up, lay you low showing you truth. True Focus Theater lived up to their name, there was more Truth on that stage than we’ve injected from the doublespeak and doublethink miasmic fog which is creeping through society.

Anti-inauguration day was the best medicine to get through such a horrible day. I look forward to seeing what True Focus Theater will do with their new stage.


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