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Tomorrow through the shadows

April 30, 2017

Sebastian Muñoz has curated the dreams & nightmares of tomorrow into a thrilling rollercoaster of delight.  The future is a place for hope, and a place where darkness can manifest; each piece builds upon the next, dark lows flowing into crescendo highs, alwayse a razors edge.

Kicking off with more than a touch of darkness Chris Campbell (director) uses the brilliantly transformative Jahel Corban. Jahel alwayse seems able to convey a myriad of emotions, becoming what each piece needs, reflecting powerful emotions through simply gestures & a bold presence. Playing against the hard edged emotions & chemistry with Sahsa Snow; you’re drawn in you’ll find the point of no return, too late.

Cutting wit, biting dialogue; Chris Campbell takes an approximately ten minuet piece and expands it beyond, building a greater world, a world of tomorrow’s what ifs. Sebastian Muñoz a tired man looking to do the right thing and find the way out, that way out lies through a meandering maze of poste & reposte, strong dialogue. Hubris & Heroism is the piece I most wanted to see expanded beyond the small taste of Chris’ writing.

Turning darker than brothers fighting over who controls father’s company Jennifer Novak Chun spirals down a thorny path cutting at your heart strings. As Home For Dinner came to a close a sigh escaped my body yearning to comfort this poor imaginary woman. Just as my breath escapes me, we pull into an odd direction giving an interesting Stepford exploration before diving into the darkest peace with Rip and Vanna Winkle.

Gut wrenching as the story progresses and the darkness comes to the foreground of Rip’s (Benjamin Fuller) understanding. Poor bastard…

Tales From Tomorrow is simply brilliant. I can’t wait to see future presentations, see how the show develops and grows into something singular. The soil is rich over at Force of Nature Productions; Sebastian Muñoz coaxes creativity in subtle & dynamic ways, building a community of supportive artists telling interesting stories.


Tales from Tomorrow is showing at the Eclectic Company Theatre Sundays at 7:00pm in North Hollywood.

For more information visit:

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