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Discordant Unified Terror

July 20, 2017

Brave_The_Dark_615_JPG-73Beckoning you to walk into the light, Zombie Joe ushers you into the, near soon, darkness of Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre, and their newest Brave the Dark immersive horror attraction.

A company already well versed in enveloping you in oppressive horrific atmosphere, has brought the terror right to your being, surrounding your taking you down into the darkness with cacophonous chaotic laughter, undulating sound, & hypnotic visuals.

There is no way to not be disoriented in this madness; a tool to quicken your breath, stagger your step and stop your heart the fears approach you from all angles.  I once read the reason we fear the dark isn’t because we are afraid of what’s out there, but what’s inside us. The ensemble at ZJU has poured from the collective unconsciousness a swirling soup, a poisoness broth of the human psyche distilled.

It’s a good thing Brave the Dark runs four times a night, there is simply too much to see in one take, above, below, & all around you there is palpable horror. There is too much to see in one go, and there is too much to describe in this one review, particularly as any descriptions will do no justice to the man demanding some head, or someone who simply wants to find their mother… Mayhapse avoid looking too long upon that undulating mass over there or what the heck was writhing under that sheet… Whatever it is, you’ll have to experience it to truly consider yourself brave.

Brave the Dark runs Fridays and Saturdays in North Hollywood at Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre four times starting @ 10 PM

For more information please visit

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