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Twisted Fucked & Fun

February 8, 2018


Shayne Eastin’s PoPalypt1c is what every dark souled, tormented depths delved, artist hopes to pull off in their work, and in her directorial debut no less.

Chaotic light and sound cascades over the audience ushering us from our present states to some altered blighted blasted world razed from some near similar time. Through the darkness, fast moving, scenes unfold, bits of life accelerated to some unknown end; stopping suddenly upon some post end times world of Miss Eastin’s making.

Taking biting wit and sarcastic cuts into modern times, Shayne found the just right cast to bring her words and world to life. A dichotomous look at what happens after ends begin again; a strong antagonist to drive is needed. Enter a beautifully talented bastage of North Hollywood stage playing that eternal evil Satan (Jason Britt), or do I have it backwards… So hard to tell Jason brings a curious petulantly entitled Satan to life pouting over his blasted kingdom. What’s the devil without their henchman to kick around, Squeak (Anes Hasi) makes a perfect twink of an evil minion. Personifying the name into this cute evil hybrid Squeak somehow stole scenes without taking away. A perfect puzzle jig guiding the crazy loops to their end.IMG_0807

PoPalypt1c uses a neurotic look at what happens when individuals go off kilter, the broken cracks pieced together before becoming a golden silver Kintsugi. Near empty tumbleweeds going on blown by unfought winds: existence. Existence continues even if we don’t understand why or our place in this new world left after all inside, and out, us shatters.

Neurosis, neurotic, repetitive obsessively obsessive-compulsive dissociation retreated away from everything. Itchy (Nick D’Alberto) carries a tension through the scenes from start to finish, an anxious electrical charge to repel any sense of ease which may be found in our hells. With Radar (Skye LaFontaine), my favorite of mothers children, this withdrawn all observing “psychic” seeing what others don’t from that far off place her psyche has fled… These and more fascinating characters are given preternatural life by whatever weird laws govern Miss Eastins mind, I mean story world.

Each of the characters personifies primary and tertiary coping mechanisms or symptoms; cracks under the surface of society thrust forth from within. Eventually the fault lines rupture and the façade falls away, what’s left is… survival… Bleak desolate day by day existence, but in this day to day drudgery hope can be held so close to heart as to be nearly hidden even from ourselves. A “milk” some magical nourishment we don’t understand to keep us going. Enter a captivating lead in Mother (Caiti Wiggins) the mother hoping to continue life after needed deaths in a life/death/life arch.


For anyone paying attention Shayne showed us that humans can continue on and continue on hoping, even secretly, for better even in the darkest of times. A needed lesson in this age maybe, but it didn’t feel like a lesson. It was given as hope itself, a funny, weird piece of art that leaves you wishing it went on just that much longer. Turning darkness into hope isn’t easy and Shayne does just that.

I was left smiling and happy, having laughed into and end times sunset of some dark twisted world. To leave darkness happy and laughing, wanting to know more about this world. It’s a fucking good feeling, a needed feeling in the start of 2018.

You don’t even need to roll the dice on this one, go, see the show and you’ll love it. There is enough fun and weirdness to touch anyone.


PoPalypt1c (written & Directed by Shayne Eastin) runs Friday and Saturday nights 8:30 through February 17th at Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre Group

For more information please visit

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