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Beautifully Complex

March 25, 2018


Never before have I seen a show capture as many of the converging divergent facets of love, as Love has.

Language, particularly English is so severely lacking in depth when it comes to the ephemeral concepts. For a Germanic/Romantic language hybrid, we seem to have come up short on both the “romance” and preciseness of language itself.

What language alone could not accomplish Force of Nature Productions brings to life in the exquisitely simple beauty that love, actually, is. Each piece fitting together like so many infinite fractal facets of an indiscernible thing we call love. Each as true as the previous and proceeding, each a reflection into ourselves through a mirror we may not look through often.

Using every tool of the emotional spectrum, including their own selves the ensemble approached the rapture of the divine perfection of all love feels like. Brian Hilarious, strong on stage each time I’ve seen him perform, walks you down a road you know not the destination until it smacks you in the face. The ability to love yourself for who you are, shed the pains society, and yourself, placed upon you. Burdened no more to know who you are truly, and love that person. From altering center of being shown through body and deep micro expressions the show starts with a beating heart we all need to find and love through one man. On a stage, alone but not alone…

That’s just how the show starts past the prologue. What follows is a torrential diluvial wash, shades of love seen and unseen. Where, how does one begin to use language to describe something on stage which took full sensory onslaught to gently pull you under its spell.

Speaking of spells, Love revealed a truth of FON Producitons which I’ve felt lightly, only to feel the full impact of its force through Love.

Sound, music inspires Sebastian and those he works with, it’s easy to see. Love, takes that to the next level, Love is scored to a film festival winning emotional roller coaster. The songs pull you in as much as the dance, frantic pains, beautiful prose. You sit fully engaged in something else, something wholly complete. Love was amazing and would have been no matter the score, it was dance and score of Stoneczko which finally made the tears pour down my cheek, a silent release of a beautiful knowing.

Lest you think love, and Love is deep and heavy all the time, there is humour to be had in Love. From an overly polyamorous promiscuous Tinder app in a support group for dating apps led by “Tom”. If you’re too young to understand who Tom is, well that’s okay too. Mayhapse a musical number just for the women, Total eCLIT of the Heart had me in stitches and reliving fond memories…

If you are in anyway introspective and self-analytical see how much of yourself is altered, added to by Patchwork Doll. A moving piece diving into the ocean, trying to discover who you are for all you’ve been shaped by.

There is a flow to Love, starting with loving yourself moving on through anxiety, falling in love, and pain of isolation. The cycles go on and on, love grows and dies and grows anew, this rise and fall is seen in Love, if you sit back and see all the pieces as the beautiful gem for which it is.


Before closing this review, I feel I must mention Whiskey Eyes, an original song by Tom Jones. The 13th piece of Love, 14 may have been the nail which broke the dam, Tom’s song was the lead up, the set up. I will alwayse be a daddy’s girl and miss my Pa daily. I was his little tomboy and he knew the real me. Whiskey Eyes nearly brought tears to my eyes for all the things I know my Pa can only see from a faraway place I can’t perceive. Stoneczko made me cry in theatre, Whiskey Eyes made me cry writing this review… Why I hid it at the end.

There is something for everyone in Love playing a small theatre above a church.


Love (directed by Sebastian Muñoz) has two more showings. March 29th and April 5th at 8:30 pm, The Belfry Stage in North Hollywood (behind the Petco Unleashed)

For more information visit:

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