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Twisted Unconsciousness

July 31, 2018

URBAN_DEATH_Edinburgh_Poster_888_GIFA dark twisted sprawl, an urban mindscape of diabolic collective unconsciousness pulses and oozes its way across the Atlantic seeking to convert yet another metropolis to sadistic delights. As Urban Death heads to Edinburgh Fringe, I have to wonder if they know what they’ve gotten themselves in for. To invite more ghosts, demons, monsters, and twisted beings into the city… Ah well, Urban Death only afflicts the mind after all, I’m sure nightmares have never caused much harm. Though the twisted delights in display in Urban Death might certainly chill the blood, steal breath and seize the heart. So fair bit of warning…

On display Hob’s own cornucopia of sin & pain, a writhing mass of humanity in all its glorious unglory.  In Urban Death, you will see before you will be a collection of vignettes delving all manner of death. This life is long, and it’s inhabitants twisted by its passage, for there are all manner of ways to kill a man, or woman for that matter, while preserving the flesh… or preserve the flesh after vital energies extinguished…

As I said Urban Death is a collection, of deaths, scenes of life which could very well happen next door, down the street, or in that low rent tenant building you try to ignore. Peer too deeply into the Urban sprawl and Death stares back. Will it be decency, sanity, sexuality, or even the flesh. What deaths wait for you, you have to see that for yourself. Steel yourself though, you’ll need it.

Urban Death is beyond all an experience, an experience I won’t dilute with too much detail. This is the type of thing you really must survive first hand. Stare into the blackened mirror of society and hope you don’t catch something starting back out at you, yourself mayhap.

While experiencing Urban Death at Fringe: your breath will catch, your sensibilities will probably be challenged a few times, your neck will try to pull your eyes away, your heart will race and you will be enthralled as never before.

It’s okay to scream, many do…

Enjoy the ride.

Urban Death (directed by Zombie Joe and Jana Wimer) will be showing throughout the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for more information please visit:

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