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November 4, 2018

SUNNY Fritz and LeeSunny Afternoon transports its audience to a dark day in 1963 America. Christian Levatino may as well have put a border around time and shown us a conspiratorial take on the Kennedy assassination.  Every part of Sunny Afternoon self-referential or referring back to 1936, or helped lend the illusion of something out of time. Walking into the Flight Theatre the gorgeously done stage feels like a still life cell from a security camera. The stage setting presents a perfect frame for the scenes which unfold throughout.

Things are intense from lights down, with Lee Harvey Oswald (Andy Hirsch), a lank scrawny man compared to his captors, sat facing away from the audience. The interrogation begins, with this voyeuristic overtone looking over his shoulder. Question after question it’s as if a hazy filter pushes out from the stage and you’re transported into the past. The players construct a vibrant world with idioms, anger, behavior which fit perfectly to the time and place. The subtle hostility and undercurrent of tense hatred between classes, races, jobs palpable from Bill Alexander’s (Spencer Cantrell) precise working of the levers of his authority a cog in  the systems shaded deeply by his personal cowboy outlook.SUNNY Lee with Elmer

With each personality and portrayal fitting together in a rich tapestry, Sunny Afternoon is a shaking experience bringing to life emotions of a turbulent few days with grief and anger primary shades. Darrett Sanders playing Captian Will Fritz plows a stead calm ship slowly building steam towards an inevitable end, while mixing tones of humour and exhaustion with this inertia that sweeps the play along. Fritz constant presence against Oswald’s evasive slippery ease forming this current the other law enforcement professionals move through.

Sunny Afternoon is an energetic fun ride through a dark story. Sunny Afternoon brings waves of drama crashing down in most delicious ways with a subtle voyeurism allowed through conspiracy.

Sunny Afternoon (written and directed by Christian Levatino) appears at the Hollywood Complex: Flight Theatre through December 2nd. Fridays 8pm Sundays 3pm

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