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Dark Pleasure

November 16, 2018

Gray People is all dark in the most delicious ways. Gray People pushes up the tension continually as the players psychologically explore their companions, surroundings, and the weight of their lives. Layer upon layer raw psychic strain exposed through the constant prying of Jenny (Olivia Lemmon). Through silence, action, conversation the pressure builds, until a world of skewed morals becomes the foundation stone. Once established, all things which follow draw you in ever further to this warped world where so much appears gray and dark.

Kerry Kazmierowicztrimm weaves intricate cerebral stories; pains often unseen are felt deeply while watching one of Kerry’s plays.  If you’ve ever seen a crowd groan at a hard hit on the soccer pitch, that visceral knowing of the scope of pain latches onto part of your body and you react. Gray People does this body and mind. Leaving you with a real need to catch your breath at the end.

Gray People is about those who walk between. The people going around perpetuating pain, while telling themselves they aren’t bad people, they, they might even be good people. With wit, anger, and passion these delusions are torn down while Jenny, Adam (Kyle Felts), James (Walter Kartman) go at each other. This is my second time seeing one Kerry’s plays and I’ll honestly look forward to anything Kerry writes in the future. While Wounded (which showed at Hollywood Firnge 2018) and Gray People are both very intense pieces with similar cerebral pleasure, they are different in a way which shows just how diverse a story teller Kerry can be.  While Wounded was all mental anguish of mostly stationary, Gray People has the chaotic energy of life to it’s quite mobile players. You never know when some mental pang will have James change direction in thought and body on a dime, or just when the physical tension will reach it’s breaking point. Just what is Adam’s deal, brooding, intimidating and possibly wounded himself?

When the tension snaps and the denouement winds down you might catch your breath, but you won’t possibly have seen the ends of the strings which Kerry and Sebastian are about to wrap up into a beautiful bow before you. With tense dialogue and action that snaps like a whip in the air Gray People is a fun ride and one I highly suggest you take. Kyle, Olivia and Walter brought three complex characters to life in such powerful ways, they all deserve recognition in the next round of Hollywood theatre awards.

Gray People (written by Kerry Kazmierowicztrimm and directed by Sebastian Muñoz) shows friday and saturday nights through Novemver 17th at the Belfry Stage in North Hollywood. For more information please visit

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