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My name is Spencer Cotter.

Major Edit: Days before April 1st 2015 I came out as a transwoman and lesbian to all of my friends and my mother. Of course she didn’t get the test so I had to retext Ma on April Fool’s Day. So she thought I was joking, and I had to have one of my besties call her and serve as a character wittness. Basically she had to say “your son is actually your daughter, and a lesbian”. Everything else below is still true. I still consider myself a Kappa Sigma Member, I’m still trying to finish my degrees. Though it’s hard money wise, and physically, as my motorcycle crash hit my body hard. I’m still trying to be a writer as well.

Hopefully I’ll be on HRT soon, I got my psych approval a couple of days ago after many many hoops. I’m thinking of starting a vlog about my life and transition, as well as making some of my reviews into videos as well. Also another project. So yeah I’ve got a lot on my plate.

Oh, and I go by Ashley, Sam, Spencer, The_Detective. Honestly I’ve used so many names that it doesn’t affect me that much. It really doesn’t. Though it’s nice to hear someone say Ashley.

/end update

I’m a Physics and Mechanical Engineering major.  That sounds impressive to many people, but I don’t think so.  I love all things Physics and Engineering so I double majored.  My passions run from wanting to work on energy production, studying Biomechanical engineering to replace injured limbs, to aeronautics.  If I had my way I would be a madd scientist in a lab somewhere switching from practical Applied Physics to things best left to those with more common sense than I.  Or at least a healthier does of fear and self preservation.  Fortunately for my friends, family, and the world I’ve yet to acquire that lab.

I consider myself an “Unstoppable Force of Nature”, which is really just a fancy title that means I’m boneheaded and don’t stop until I get my way.  I was even too stubborn to die after a motorcycle crash when they wanted to harvest my organs because I was bleeding out around my heart and they couldn’t operate.  That is a story for another day though.

I taught myself to whittle after my motorcycle crash as a form of physical therapy.  I rather enjoy being able to take a block of wood and turn it into something amazing.  I’m far from proficient but I do have a talent and I enjoy it and that’s all the matters in my books.  Besides it’s fun giving my carvings away as gifts to friends and family.

Once I’m fully healed I plan on getting active in martial arts again.  I was about to assist teaching a class in Shoto-Kan, and Kempo before my crash and healing/paralysis has put the kibosh on that.

As far as my writing goes, this may sound vain but my main audience is myself.  I write because I enjoy what I write and enjoy seeing the story unfold before my eyes.  Seeing all the different choices my story can take whittled down to what sometimes wasn’t even a conclusion I foresaw when I began.  I guess writing is like whittling each word chips away another flake from the formless block you started with.  Every now and then you chip away a little too much, but if you step back and work with what you have left you  end up with something amazing that you didn’t think of before.

I just finished my first humorous book that will be available on Kindle soon.  Though not the book I wanted to write for my first release…  The book wrote itself out of necessity to not go crazy while working customer service/ tech support.  I compiled all of the customer service emails I received from my job and replied replied with the sarcastic replies I wished to have given some very weird and crazy customers.

The second book I will be releasing is the first book I began writing.  A preternatural detective series based in the south.  This will be a series that I am very fond of as it speaks to my roots and passion for Pulp Serials and Film Noir.
There is more to me, but this should suffice for now.

To paraphrase the outro of my favorite radio show:

Good Day, Afternoon, or Evening whatever century you’re in.

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  1. Spencer we love your blog! Thank you so much for the awesome URBAN DEATH write-up- we’re down to our final 2 performances, been a great run. Give a little love to THE DETECTIVE, keep ’em coming!

    • Glad to write a review. The show was awesome, I can’t wait to see the next show that takes the Saturday night slot.

  2. Hey Spencer! Great to connect with you last night, see ya around!:)

    • It was nice meeting you and talking shop as it were. I hope you get into the Premier on February 1st at The Visceral Company.

  3. Love your blog! BIG PROPS x

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